The Artificial Economy

The Great Replacement: Navigating the ongoing Global Generative AI Revolution


How can businesses and careers survive in this AI Revolution

Four Points By Sheraton Lekki | Wednesday, 25th May, 2023

“AI won’t steal your job but someone who uses AI would”

“AI won’t disrupt your business, but competitors who use AI would”

About The Artificial Economy Conference

The Great Replacement

The world is about to experience its biggest disruption ever in business, career and everyday living powered by the generative AI.

For the first time in the history of tech, 100million people were able relate with the democratized power of Generative AI through OpenAI’s chatGPT with 2 months.

According to Goldman Sach, two thirds of occupations could be partially automated by AI and at the same time grow global GDP by 7%.

Nasdaq reports that AI Could Generate $14 Trillion in Revenue by 2030, investors have thrown over $1.6 billon dollars on Gen AI startups. Microsoft also invested $10 Bilion for this purpose, Google urgently had to launch a chatGPT competitor product called Bard.

These trends shows there will be will be winners, new markets, new opportunities but also casualties if Gen AI is not adopted by organisations.

Several business and careers are now under threat of extinction as Gen AI proves to be cheaper and more efficient option.

The big question is how African businesses, employees can, professionals adapt with the opportunities in Gen AI.

In view of this, Disruptive Africa presents; The Artificial Economy Conference (The Great Replacement).

The conference will run 3 breakout sessions after the general sessions. Breakout sessions will cover the follow 3 key areas:
– Boosting efficiency in businesses and organisations (Save cost on hiring, Improve turn –around time, improve customer experience)
– Individuals (Leverage AI to wow your boss and boost your career, start your journey to becoming a prompt engineer, no technical skills required)
– Learn how to make money using Ai, no technical skill required.

By attending The Artificial Economy Conference, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities for your career and business.

N170,000 ($600)/day
Exhibition Pack - Early bird- N150,000 ($500)
  • Complimentary pass for 3 staff members Enjoy benefits of the Company Pack Exhibition stand Logo on brochure (T&C applies)

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