Disruptive Africa Expo 2017

Digital Business Evolution: The Future is Here

13-14 September, 2017

- Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos

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About Disruptive Africa Expo

Computers and Technologies are exponentially getting more powerful and might take away millions of jobs but create even bigger opportunities.
Companies and Organisations are now virtualizing key business value chain processes into Platforms and Digital networks.

The way we live our lives and conduct business will never remain the same again, Consumers want more value at even lower prices, Disruptive technologies could multiple the output of a national economy thereby increasing the GDP.

The Fourth Industrial revolution is here but despite the fact that these technologies are already altering the business value chains around some parts of the world, Nigeria/Africa is yet to start taking a lead role towards a Knowledge Economy which will fuel research and Innovation through disruptive technologies. This could hinder and slow down economic growth and National development in Nigeria/Africa.

There is great need for key industry players both in the Public and private sectors to partner and come together to discuss, collaboratively learn and strategize on ways to leverage this technologies in order to remain market relevant, accelerate business growth, competitiveness and sustainability which will in turn trigger exponential economic growth in Nigeria.

The question is; "how prepared is Africa for this?",
" what are the dangers of remaining passive about the oncoming technology evolution?",
"How best can we prepare and which technologies are we to take advantage of towards remaining economically sustainable in Africa"

The third edition of the Disruptive Africa Expo is aimed at bringing stakeholders every experts involved to join a discussion on how best to position ourselves through disruptive technologies for sustainability in businesses and the economy as a whole where more African businesses will become major players in the African economy.

Interested attendees and companies will have the opportunity of receiving first hand knowledge on disruptive technologies like IoT BigData, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing.

Attendees will have the opportunities of networking with professionals and experts on the field both locally and internationally.

The proposed long term result of all this, is development in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Let us lead the way in the fourth industrial revolution as we take our organisations through the Digital transformation phases which will grow our economy.

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