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Africa, an emerging market and also one of the fastest growing economies has met various phases of development and have experienced profound economic growth with many investors and foreign companies flowing into Africa to take advantage of the opportunities.

The role ICT has played to Africa’s development cannot be over-emphasized as people and companies can easily connect and share information using modern technologies in enhancing day-to-day business activities.

However, technology is rapidly advancing day by day and catching up isn’t so easy. It is predicted that most Start-ups business might not have sufficient time to mature through business life cycles as new technologies emerge on a day to day basics. The categories of technologies, that are taking the world by storm and altering the norms, are called disruptive technologies.

Disruptive technology has the power to making present companies/solutions more relevant or irrelevant in future, as they enable you to achieve unimaginably more by doing less. It possesses the capabilities of breaking the status quo and monopoly in the technology industry, thereby allowing healthy and competitive business environment not only for companies but for individuals who have been equipped with necessary tools and or ready-made platforms (PAAS & SAAS).

Above all, it can empower Africans; individuals, SMEs and large organisations and also place the power to achieve more in everyone’s hands, it can give some Africans, a means of livelihood and thereby reduce the poverty rate and foster limitless development in Africa.

Disruptive Africa Expo is an initiative designed to provide interested developers, service providers and enterprises with the needed knowledge support, periodic hands-on trainings, through conferences, hackathons and other events, in order to provide a platform to support people/business in order to maximise the opportunities in disruptive technologies and thereby foster economic growth in Africa.

Let’s disrupt Africa with Disruptive Technology for Development (DT4D)