Two of 2020’s Most power Men in Tech and What Emerging Markets Should know

Mark-Elon Partnership

Two of 2020’s Most Likely Powerful Men in Tech

One of the greatest Tech partnerships of all time might be the Mark-Elon partnership which is connotes partnership between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. They are out to disrupt the Telecom and networks business with focus on Emerging Markets as they might be going to the top of the Chain to launch Satellites to beam internet to the earth without depending on Telecommunication companies.

The world still celebrate people like Bill Gates, Steve jobs because they visualized a beautiful future for humanity, bought and invested into it, and made it happen thereby making the world a better place.

While Steve Jobs’ and Bill Gates’ eras is transitioning, more Tech founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook and Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Chairman Solar City, Co-Chairman Open AI are already bringing the future here and making the world a better place.

Facebook presently is building Open Source Telecom and Networking Solutions. They want to control all Value chain in Communication from Top (Satellite/networks) to Bottom (internet and Users) making them powerful not just as business. These guys are done with Facebook, Paypal, WhatsApp etc, they have left Terrestrial and gone Extraterrestrial.
Recall Facebook have about 1.8 billion users out of the 7.4 billion world population which about 24% of the world’s population.

This implies that Facebook already has the capability to drive the quick growth and adoption of their Telecom and Networking hardware all around the world while Elon Musk is planning to launch over Four Thousand Satelites

I believe the plan is beam internet into the earth, for people connect to through Facebook Open source Telecommunication and Networking solutions. This will empower individuals SMEs to hack and sell their own Telecommunication-like hardware that will connects  by then who will need a Cisco or Telco?

This implications of the Mark-Elon projects when completely executed is that Facebook will no longer be called OTT (Over-the-Top) but will become what I term a BTT (Bottom-to-top).

As confirmed from Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at the APEC CEO Summit in Lima, connecting to the rural or under-served geographical areas could lead to huge level of growth and development.

Businesses in the advanced economies have been experiencing very high level of competition to the extent of saturation with thin growth in customer base. In a bid to be ahead, they all see emerging markets as unsaturated play ground where they could get their billion dollar customers.

Recently, several organizations (both profit and non-profit) are looking at customer acquisition from emerging markets especially their Rural areas.

Unlocking the Rural areas by connecting them to the rest of the world through the internet appears to be the right step.

Mark cited economies that experienced up to 50% growth just by connecting the rural areas.

This is a wake-up call to the emerging markets to prepare and equip their economies and system so that they will not be short changed. There is need for their Governments, companies and institutions to position themselves to implement the best policies that will be to the best interest of their economy in the long run while considering the mutual benefits for foreign investors.

One of the quickest ways for economies to be enslaved in the long is for them to remain buyers, users, importers without becoming Sellers, Makers and exporters.

It is quite unfortunate that some of the emerging economies might not be prepared with the best policies owing to several reasons.

As reported by Wall Street Journal, Considering the policy of new President Elect of the US; Donald Trump, His America First Policy could cause emerging economies to tumble. So emerging markets and economies will require a rethink in the way they collaborate with advanced economies especially the US where we have the Silicon Valley.

What could be done might be a bit complex looking at where some these focus emerging markets are in terms of development, they will require strategic, fearless, passionate people and leadership with every possible support for their interest to be protected.

These Economies might to break away from inferiority complex and believe that they can build/create revolutionary tech.

These Economies need to learn from Data and history to help them know the best way forward.

The aim won’t be to checkmate Tech firms from Silicon Valley, but the aim will be to find the best way to partner and develop human capital while solving problems differently for long term sustainability and exponential growth. Tech is not talk. True tech is studying to see the future and bringing the Future here.