Team Learning and Development; The Intelligent Economy Africa


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Team Development and Learning Pack – The Intelligent Economy AfricaTeam Learning and Development - The Intelligent Economy Africa

With the Team Learning and Development –  The Intelligent Economy Africa , company teams gain are as follows;

  • A day learning and development to update 3 members of company team on technologies transforming the business economy.
  • Network and build relationships for exponential company growth.
  • Bring in fresh insights into your company through knowledge and learnings at the intelligent economy conference.
  • Discounted rates for 3 of your company staff members.
  • Join a network of industry players in the public and private sectors to discuss the Intelligent economy.
  • Gain access to conference, meals and materials

The Intelligent Economy will focus issues pressing industrial issues. They include risk, applications, and opportunities in the use of AI, IoT, AR/VR, Cloud technologies for enhancing cross-industrial relationship and partnerships.

Further details about the intelligent economy; Why you need to pick up the Team learning and Development (Company Pack).

The conference is based off the Economist Intelligence report sponsored by Microsoft. The report is a survey/feedback from over 400 top executives across several industries of the world hence, provides useful insights.

Background for The Intelligent Economy for Team Learning and Development

Respondents are optimistic about the economic benefits that AI will bring. Over the next five years, survey respondents expect AI to have a positive impact on growth (90%), productivity (86%), innovation (84%) and job creation (69%) in their country and industry.

Both private- and public-sector organisations consider AI essential to business strategy. More than nine out of ten respondents (94%) describe AI as important to solving their organisations’ strategic challenges. And 57% saying that it is “somewhat” important and a further 37% characterising it as “very” important.

The race to adopt and implement AI in business processes has already begun. More than one in four respondents (27%) say their organisations have already incorporated the technology into key processes and services. while another 46% have one or more AI pilot projects under way.

Despite their optimism, businesses recognise several major obstacles to leveraging AI successfully. When asked what major risks they see when adopting or increasing the use of AI, the list the following.

  • Cost or financial risks, cited by 42% of respondents.
  • Execution risk, with 36% lack necessary resources, in terms of people or tools, to effectively implement AI.

Following closely behind are the workforce challenges involved in persuading employees to adopt new technology or learn new skills (35%) and security (32%).


Do not miss out on being part of the Intelligent economy Africa. To see more details of conference visit Disruptive Africa homepage